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Legends of Maui: A Demi God of Polynesia and of his Mother Hina

By William Drake Westervelt
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  • Pages : 171
  • Category : Hina (Hawaiian diety)
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Book Summary:

Four brothers, each bearing the name of Maui, belong to Hawaiian legend. They accomplished little as a family, except on special occasions when the youngest of the household awakened his brothers by some unexpected trick which drew them into unwonted action. The legends of Hawaii, Tonga, Tahiti, New Zealand and the Hervey group make this youngest Maui "the discoverer of fire" or "the ensnarer of the sun" or "the fisherman who pulls up islands" or "the man endowed with magic," or "Maui with spirit power." The legends vary somewhat, of course, but not as much as might be expected when the thousands of miles between various groups of islands are taken into consideration. Maui was one of the Polynesian demi-gods. His parents belonged to the family of supernatural beings. He himself was possessed of supernatural powers and was supposed to make use of all manner of enchantments. In New Zealand antiquity a Maui was said to have assisted other gods in the creation of man. Nevertheless Maui was very human. He lived in thatched houses, had wives and children, and was scolded by the women for not properly supporting his household. The time of his sojourn among men is very indefinite. In Hawaiian genealogies Maui and his brothers were placed among the descendants of Ulu and "the sons of Kii," and Maui was one of the ancestors of Kamehameha, the first king of the united Hawaiian Islands. This would place him in the seventh or eighth century of the Christian Era. But it is more probable that Maui belongs to the mist-land of time. His mischievous pranks with the various gods would make him another Mercury living in any age from the creation to the beginning of the Christian era. The Hervey Island legends state that Maui's father was "the supporter of the heavens" and his mother "the guardian of the road to the invisible world." In the Hawaiian chant, Akalana was the name of his father. In other groups this was the name by which his mother was known. Kanaloa, the god, is sometimes known as the father of Maui. In Hawaii Hina was his mother. Elsewhere Ina, or Hina, was the grandmother, from whom he secured fire. The Hervey Island legends say that four mighty ones lived in the old world from which their ancestors came. This old world bore the name Ava-iki, which is the same as Hawa-ii, or Hawaii. The four gods were Mauike, Ra, Ru, and Bua-Taranga. It is interesting to trace the connection of these four names with Polynesian mythology. Mauike is the same as the demi-god of New Zealand, Mafuike. On other islands the name is spelled Mauika, Mafuika, Mafuia, Mafuie, and Mahuika. Ra, the sun god of Egypt, is the same as Ra in New Zealand and La (sun) in Hawaii. Ru, the supporter of the heavens, is probably the Ku of Hawaii, and the Tu of New Zealand and other islands, one of the greatest of the gods worshiped by the ancient Hawaiians. The fourth mighty one from Ava-ika was a woman, Bua-taranga, who guarded the path to the underworld. Talanga in Samoa, and Akalana in Hawaii were the same as Taranga. Pua-kalana (the Kalana flower) would probably be the same in Hawaiian as Bua-taranga in the language of the Society Islands.

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Waves of Knowing

By Karin Amimoto Ingersoll
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In Waves of Knowing Karin Amimoto Ingersoll marks a critical turn away from land-based geographies to center the ocean as place. Developing the concept of seascape epistemology, she articulates an indigenous Hawaiian way of knowing founded on a sensorial, intellectual, and embodied literacy of the ocean. As the source from which Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) draw their essence and identity, the sea is foundational to Kanaka epistemology and ontology. Analyzing oral histories, chants, artwork, poetry, and her experience as a surfer, Ingersoll shows how this connection to the sea has been crucial to resisting two centuries of colonialism, militarism, and tourism. In today's neocolonial context—where continued occupation and surf tourism marginalize indigenous Hawaiians—seascape epistemology as expressed by traditional cultural practices such as surfing, fishing, and navigating provides the tools for generating an alternative indigenous politics and ethics. In relocating Hawaiian identity back to the waves, currents, winds, and clouds, Ingersoll presents a theoretical alternative to land-centric viewpoints that still dominate studies of place-making and indigenous epistemology.


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The 'mighty totara' is one of New Zealand's most extraordinary trees. Among the biggest and oldest trees in the New Zealand forest, the heart of Maori carving and culture, trailing no. 8 wire as fence posts on settler farms, clambered up in the Pureora protests of the 1980s: the story of New Zealand can be told through totara. Simpson tells that story like nobody else could. In words and pictures, through waka and leaves, farmers and carvers, he takes us deep inside the trees: their botany and evolution, their role in Maori life and lore, and their current status in New Zealand's environment and culture.

The Hawaiian Romance Of Laieikawai

By S. N. Haleole
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The Hawaiian Romance of Laieikawai, the first fictional work of literature produced by a Native Hawaiian. The story is based on a traditional legend about the princess Lāʻieikawai. The theme of songs and tales was rehearsed in prose and interspersed with oral songs by ancient Hawaiian storytellers. That's why it's an exciting mix of folklore and historical fiction.

Hawaiian Volcanoes

By Rebecca Carey,Valérie Cayol,Michael Poland,Dominique Weis
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Hawaiian Volcanoes, From Source to Surface is the outcome of an AGU Chapman Conference held on the Island of Hawai‘i in August 2012. As such, this monograph contains a diversity of research results that highlight the current understanding of how Hawaiian volcanoes work and point out fundamental questions requiring additional exploration. Volume highlights include: Studies that span a range of depths within Earth, from the deep mantle to the atmosphere Methods that cross the disciplines of geochemistry, geology, and geophysics to address issues of fundamental importance to Hawai‘i’s volcanoes Data for use in comparisons with other volcanoes, which can benefit from, and contribute to, a better understanding of Hawai‘i Discussions of the current issues that need to be addressed for a better understanding of Hawaiian volcanism Hawaiian Volcanoes, From Source to Surface will be a valuable resource not only for researchers studying basaltic volcanism and scientists generally interested in volcanoes, but also students beginning their careers in geosciences. This volume will also be of great interest to igneous petrologists, geochemists, and geophysicists.

Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes

By W. D. Westervelt
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Graphic Arts Books
  • Isbn : 1513223836
  • Pages : 132
  • Category : Social Science
  • Reads : 773
  • File Pdf: hawaiian-legends-of-volcanoes.pdf

Book Summary:

Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes (1916) explores Hawaiian folktales and myths collected by W. D. Westervelt. Connecting the origin story of Hawaii to the traditions of other Polynesian cultures, Westervelt provides an invaluable resource for understanding the historical and geographical scope of Hawaiian culture. Beginning with the origin story of Pele, the goddess of volcanoes, Westervelt introduces his groundbreaking collection of legends on the volcanic nature of the Hawaiian Islands. When the goddess Pele comes to the island of Hawaii seeking a permanent home, she finds Ai-laau, another god of fire, already in possession of the territory. Despite his fearsome power over creation and destruction, Ai-laau disappeared the moment he became aware of Pele’s presence. Having traveled across the limitless ocean, her name was already known far and wide, along with her reputation for strength, anger, and envy. Establishing herself within the crater of Kilauea, Pele quickly took command over the gods, ghost-gods, and the people inhabiting the islands. Central to Hawaiian history and religion, Pele continues to be celebrated in Hawaii and across the Pacific today. With a professionally designed cover and manuscript, this edition of W. D. Westervelt’s Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes is a classic of Hawaiian literature reimagined for modern readers. Add this beautiful edition to your bookshelf, or enjoy the digital edition on any e-book device.

LEGENDS of MAUI - 15 Polynesian Legends from the Hawaiian Islands

By Anon E. Mouse
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Abela Publishing Ltd
  • Isbn : 882756618X
  • Pages : 178
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 373
  • File Pdf: legends-of-maui-15-polynesian-legends-from-the-hawaiian-islands.pdf

Book Summary:

Within this unique volume are 15 legends of Maui. Legends like: MAUI THE FISHERMAN, MAUI LIFTING THE SKY, MAUI SNARING THE SUN and twelve more captivating stories and tales from antiquity from the Polynesian people of the South Pacific. These legends are not only different from the myths of other nations, but they are unique in the character of the actions recorded. There are three centres for these legends, New Zealand in the south, Hawaii in the north, and the Tahitian group in the east. In each of these groups of islands, separated by thousands of miles, there are the same legends, told in almost the same way, and with very little variation in names and content. However, Maui's deeds rank in a higher class than most of the mighty efforts of the demi gods of other nations and races, and are usually of more utility. The Maui legends are full of helpful imaginations, which are distinctly and uniquely Polynesian in nature. Here you will find adventures from the great voyages of discovery which carry fragments and hints of wonderful deeds. The Maoris of New Zealand claim Maui as an ancestor of their most ancient tribes and class him as one of the most ancient of their gods, calling him "creator of land" and "creator of man" even sometimes "the sun himself," "the solar fire," and the "the sun god," while his mother Hina was called "the moon goddess." NOTE: MAUI (Ma-u-i, Ma-oo-e) is a Polynesian demi god. His name derives from “Mohyi” meaning "causing to: live" or "life," applied sometimes to the gods and sometimes to chiefs as "preservers and sustainers" of their followers. The Maui story probably contains a larger number of unique and ancient myths than that of any other legendary character in the mythology of any nation. They also form one of the strongest links in the mythological chain of evidence which binds the scattered inhabitants of the Pacific into one nation. They possess remarkable antiquity. YESTERDAY'S BOOKS FOR TODAY'S CHARITIES 10% of the profit from the sale of our books is donated to charities ---------- TAGS: Maui, Hawaii, Myths, Legends, Folklore, children’s stories, adventure, exploration, Maui's home, Fisherman, Lifting The Sky, Snaring The Sun, Finding Fire, The Skillful, Tuna, Brother-In-Law, Kite Flying, Oahu Legends, Seeking Immortality, Hina, Hilo, Wailuku River, Ghosts, Hilo Hills, Woman In The Moon, New Zealand, Maori, Polynesian, Pacific Ocean, South Pacific, Canoe,

Navigating the Stars

By Witi Ihimaera
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  • Publisher : Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited
  • Isbn : 0143775006
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From master storyteller Witi Ihimaera, a spellbinding and provocative retelling of traditional Maori myths for the twenty-first century. In this milestone volume, Ihimaera traces the history of the Maori people through their creation myths. He follows Tawhaki up the vines into the firmament, Hine-titama down into the land of the dead, Maui to the ends of the earth, and the giants and turehu who sailed across the ocean to our shores . . . From Hawaiki to Aotearoa, the ancient navigators brought their myths, while looking to the stars — bright with gods, ancestors and stories — to guide the way. ‘Step through the gateway now to stories that are as relevant today as they ever were.’

Pele and Hiiaka

By Nathaniel B. Emerson
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Book Summary:

Pele and Hiiaka are Hawaii's most spectacular female deities, and this story of their conflict over the mortal Lohi'au stands at the fountainhead of Hawaiian myth, oral tradition, and dance. For centuries, however, it was a varied collection of disparate versions told by widely scattered Hawaiian poets, raconteurs, and dancers. Author, Dr. Nathaniel Emerson spent years traveling, talking to Hawaiians, and compiling notes in an attempt to organize and preserve its text. The result of his efforts, Pele and Hiiaka: A Myth from Hawaii was published in 1915, and that edition has since become a rare and expensive collector's item. This digital edition of that book contains all of Emerson's original text as well as a new introduction and new photographs. Pele the fire goddess, who dwells in the Kilauea firepit, is quick–tempered and violent. Hiiaka, her sister, is calm and benevolent and given to wandering through groves of scarlet–blossomed 'ohi'a trees. Pele's roaming dream–spirit falls in love with the handsome chieftain Lohi'au, and Hiiaka is sent to bring him back from Kaua'i to Pele's waiting immortal body In the saga of Hiiaka's arduous journey are the exploits of stirring romance.

Astronomy Across Cultures

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  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Isbn : 9401141797
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  • Reads : 188
  • File Pdf: astronomy-across-cultures.pdf

Book Summary:

Astronomy Across Cultures: A History of Non-Western Astronomy consists of essays dealing with the astronomical knowledge and beliefs of cultures outside the United States and Europe. In addition to articles surveying Islamic, Chinese, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Polynesian, Egyptian and Tibetan astronomy, among others, the book includes essays on Sky Tales and Why We Tell Them and Astronomy and Prehistory, and Astronomy and Astrology. The essays address the connections between science and culture and relate astronomical practices to the cultures which produced them. Each essay is well illustrated and contains an extensive bibliography. Because the geographic range is global, the book fills a gap in both the history of science and in cultural studies. It should find a place on the bookshelves of advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and scholars, as well as in libraries serving those groups.

Fantasy and Myth in the Anthropocene

By Marek Oziewicz,Brian Attebery,Tereza Dedinová
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Isbn : 1350203351
  • Pages : 272
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Reads : 850
  • File Pdf: fantasy-and-myth-in-the-anthropocene.pdf

Book Summary:

The first study to look at the intersection of the discourse of the Anthropocene within the two highly influential storytelling modes of fantasy and myth, this book shows the need for stories that articulate visions of a biocentric, ecological civilization. Fantasy and myth have long been humanity's most advanced technologies for collective dreaming. Today they are helping us adopt a biocentric lens, re-kin us with other forms of life, and assist us in the transition to an ecological civilization. Deliberately moving away from dystopian narratives toward anticipatory imaginations of sustainable futures, this volume blends chapters by top scholars in the fields of fantasy, myth, and Young Adult literature with personal reflections by award-winning authors and illustrators of books for young audiences, including Shaun Tan, Jane Yolen, Katherine Applegate and Joseph Bruchac. Chapters cover the works of major fantasy authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien, Terry Prachett, J. K. Rowling, China Miéville, Barbara Henderson, Jeanette Winterson, John Crowley, Richard Powers, George R. R. Martin and Kim Stanley Robinson. They range through narratives set in the UK, USA, Nigeria, Ghana, Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia. Across the chapters, fantasy and myth are framed as spaces where visions of sustainable futures can be designed with most detail and nuance. Rather than merely criticizing the ecocidal status quo, the book asks how mythic narratives and fantastic stories can mobilize resistance around ideas necessary for the emergence of an ecological civilization.

Hawaiian Historical Legends

By William Drake Westervelt
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Library of Alexandria
  • Isbn : 1465580980
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Book Summary:

Read and download full book Hawaiian Historical Legends

Hawaiian Antiquities

By David Malo
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Graphic Arts Books
  • Isbn : 1513223879
  • Pages : 366
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 235
  • File Pdf: hawaiian-antiquities.pdf

Book Summary:

Hawaiian Antiquities (1898) is an ethnography by David Malo. Originally published in 1838, Hawaiian Antiquities, or Moolelo Hawaii, was updated through the end of Malo’s life and later translated into English by Nathaniel Bright Emerson, a leading scholar of Hawaiian mythology. As the culmination of Malo’s research on Hawaiian history, overseen by missionary Sheldon Dibble, Hawaiian Antiquities was the first in-depth written history of the islands and its people. “The ancients left no records of the lands of their birth, of what people drove them out, who were their guides and leaders, of the canoes that transported them, what lands they visited in their wanderings, and what gods they worshipped. Certain oral traditions do, however, give us the names of the idols of our ancestors.” As inheritor of this ancient oral tradition, David Malo, a recent Christian convert who studied reading and writing with missionaries, provides an essential introduction to the genealogies, history, traditions, and stories of his people. Engaging with the legends passed down from ancient generations as well as the flora and fauna of the islands in his own day, Malo links the Hawaii of the past to the world in which he lived, a time of political and religious change introduced by missionaries from the newly formed United States. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of David Malo’s Hawaiian Antiquities is a classic work of Hawaiian literature reimagined for modern readers.

Strength and Conditioning for Judo

By Andy Burns,Mike Callan
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  • Publisher : The Crowood Press
  • Isbn : 1785002570
  • Pages : 300
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Reads : 622
  • File Pdf: strength-and-conditioning-for-judo.pdf

Book Summary:

Judo is a dynamic Olympic sport that requires a wide range of physical attributes and skills. It is the second largest participation sport in the world after football, and estimates suggest there are 20 million judoka (practitioners of judo) just in Europe. However strength and conditioning are prerequisites for an aspiring judoka, and this book is essential reading for judo coaches, strength and conditioning professionals, and judoka alike. Topics covered include: needs analysis of judo; building strength and delivering power; co-ordination, speed and agility; the importance of nutrition; and finally, injury prevention and maximizing recovery. Essential reading for judo practitioners, judo coaches and strength & conditioning professionals and extensively illustrated with 139 colour photographs and diagrams.

The Poetics of Myth

By Eleazar M. Meletinsky
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1136749284
  • Pages : 516
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Reads : 780
  • File Pdf: the-poetics-of-myth.pdf

Book Summary:

'Serious students will savor Meletinsky's rich and complex book. The opening section alone is valuable for its erudite examination of modern theory about myth, with special attention to Levi-Strauss and the structuralists. Meletinsky grasps the essentials of theories he discusses and makes clear distinctions between them Highly recommended for upper division undergraduates, graduate students and teachers/scholars of myth.' - Choice

Routes and Roots

By Elizabeth DeLoughrey
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University of Hawaii Press
  • Isbn : 0824864182
  • Pages : 352
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Reads : 184
  • File Pdf: routes-and-roots.pdf

Book Summary:

Elizabeth DeLoughrey invokes the cyclical model of the continual movement and rhythm of the ocean (‘tidalectics’) to destabilize the national, ethnic, and even regional frameworks that have been the mainstays of literary study. The result is a privileging of alter/native epistemologies whereby island cultures are positioned where they should have been all along—at the forefront of the world historical process of transoceanic migration and landfall. The research, determination, and intellectual dexterity that infuse this nuanced and meticulous reading of Pacific and Caribbean literature invigorate and deepen our interest in and appreciation of island literature. —Vilsoni Hereniko, University of Hawai‘i "Elizabeth DeLoughrey brings contemporary hybridity, diaspora, and globalization theory to bear on ideas of indigeneity to show the complexities of ‘native’ identities and rights and their grounded opposition as ‘indigenous regionalism’ to free-floating globalized cosmopolitanism. Her models are instructive for all postcolonial readers in an age of transnational migrations." —Paul Sharrad, University of Wollongong, Australia Routes and Roots is the first comparative study of Caribbean and Pacific Island literatures and the first work to bring indigenous and diaspora literary studies together in a sustained dialogue. Taking the "tidalectic" between land and sea as a dynamic starting point, Elizabeth DeLoughrey foregrounds geography and history in her exploration of how island writers inscribe the complex relation between routes and roots. The first section looks at the sea as history in literatures of the Atlantic middle passage and Pacific Island voyaging, theorizing the transoceanic imaginary. The second section turns to the land to examine indigenous epistemologies in nation-building literatures. Both sections are particularly attentive to the ways in which the metaphors of routes and roots are gendered, exploring how masculine travelers are naturalized through their voyages across feminized lands and seas. This methodology of charting transoceanic migration and landfall helps elucidate how theories and people travel, positioning island cultures in the world historical process. In fact, DeLoughrey demonstrates how these tropical island cultures helped constitute the very metropoles that deemed them peripheral to modernity. Fresh in its ideas, original in its approach, Routes and Roots engages broadly with history, anthropology, and feminist, postcolonial, Caribbean, and Pacific literary and cultural studies. It productively traverses diaspora and indigenous studies in a way that will facilitate broader discussion between these often segregated disciplines.


By Various Authors
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited
  • Isbn : 014377297X
  • Pages : 400
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 809
  • File Pdf: purakau.pdf

Book Summary:

A lively, stimulating and engaging retelling of purakau - Maori myths - by contemporary Maori writers. Ka mua, ka muri . . . Ancient Maori creation myths, portrayals of larger-than-life heroes and tales of engrossing magical beings have endured through the ages. Some hail back to Hawaiki, some are firmly grounded in New Zealand and its landscape. Through countless generations, the stories have been reshaped and passed on. This new collection presents a wide range of traditional myths that have been retold by some of our best Maori wordsmiths. The writers have added their own creativity, perspectives and sometimes wonderfully unexpected twists, bringing new life and energy to these rich, spellbinding and significant taonga. Take a fresh look at Papatuanuku, a wild ride with Maui, or have a creepy encounter with Ruruhi-Kerepo, for these and many more mythical figures await you. Explore the past, from it shape the future . . . The contributors are: Jacqueline Carter, David Geary, Patricia Grace, Briar Grace-Smith, Whiti Hereaka, Keri Hulme, Witi Ihimaera, Kelly Joseph, Hemi, Kelly, Nic Low, Tina Makereti, Kelly Ana Morey, Paula Morris, Frazer Rangihuna, Renee, Robert Sullivan, Apirana Taylor, Ngahuia Te Awekotuku, Clayton Te Kohe, Hone Tuwhare, Briar Wood.

My Swordhand is Singing

By Marcus Sedgwick
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Orion Children's Books
  • Isbn : 1444002031
  • Pages : 240
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 917
  • File Pdf: my-swordhand-is-singing.pdf

Book Summary:

An original interpretation of the timelessly fascinating vampire myth, and a story of father and son, by award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick. Winner of the Booktrust Teenage Prize and shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. In the bitter cold of an unrelenting winter, Tomas and his son, Peter, arrive in Chust. Despite the villagers' lack of hospitality, they settle there as woodcutters. But there are many things Peter does not understand. Why does Tomas dig a channel of fast-flowing waters around their hut so they live on an isolated island? Why does Tomas carry a long battered box everywhere they go - and refuse to tell Peter of its contents? When a band of gypsies comes to the village, Peter's drab existence is turned upside down. He is infatuated by the beautiful gypsy princess, Sofia, and intoxicated by her community's love of life. He even becomes drawn into their deadly quest - for these travellers are Vampire Slayers, and Chust is a community to which the dead return to wreak revenge on the living. Stylishly written and set in the forbidding and remote landscapes of the 17th century, this is a story of a father and his son, of loss, redemption and resolution.

The Lost Civilization of Lemuria

By Frank Joseph
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Isbn : 1591439493
  • Pages : 360
  • Category : Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Reads : 832
  • File Pdf: the-lost-civilization-of-lemuria.pdf

Book Summary:

A compelling new portrait of the lost realm of Lemuria, the original motherland of humanity • Contains the most extensive and up-to-date archaeological research on Lemuria • Reveals a lost, ancient technology in some respects more advanced than modern science • Provides evidence that the perennial philosophies have their origin in Lemurian culture Before the Indonesian tsunami or Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans, there was the destruction of Lemuria. Oral tradition in Polynesia recounts the story of a splendid kingdom that was carried to the bottom of the sea by a mighty “warrior wave”--a tsunami. This lost realm has been cited in numerous other indigenous traditions, spanning the globe from Australia to Asia to the coasts of both South and North America. It was known as Lemuria or Mu, a vast realm of islands and archipelagoes that once sprawled across the Pacific Ocean. Relying on 10 years of research and extensive travel, Frank Joseph offers a compelling picture of this mother­land of humanity, which he suggests was the original Garden of Eden. Using recent deep-sea archaeological finds, enigmatic glyphs and symbols, and ancient records shared by cultures divided by great distances that document the story of this sunken world, Joseph painstakingly re-creates a picture of this civilization in which people lived in rare harmony and possessed a sophisticated technology that allowed them to harness the weather, defy gravity, and conduct genetic investigations far beyond what is possible today. When disaster struck Lemuria, the survivors made their way to other parts of the world, incorporating their scientific and mystical skills into the existing cultures of Asia, Polynesia, and the Americas. Totem poles of the Pacific Northwest, architecture in China, the colossal stone statues on Easter Island, and even the perennial philosophies all reveal their kinship to this now-vanished civilization.

Hawaiian Folk Tales

By Thomas G. Thrum
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Library of Alexandria
  • Isbn : 1465580204
  • Pages : 284
  • Category :
  • Reads : 691
  • File Pdf: hawaiian-folk-tales.pdf

Book Summary:

Read and download full book Hawaiian Folk Tales

Blue Latitudes

By Tony Horwitz
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
  • Isbn : 9781429969574
  • Pages : 496
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Book Summary:

In an exhilarating tale of historic adventure, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Confederates in the Attic retraces the voyages of Captain James Cook, the Yorkshire farm boy who drew the map of the modern world Captain James Cook's three epic journeys in the 18th century were the last great voyages of discovery. His ships sailed 150,000 miles, from the Artic to the Antarctic, from Tasmania to Oregon, from Easter Island to Siberia. When Cook set off for the Pacific in 1768, a third of the globe remained blank. By the time he died in Hawaii in 1779, the map of the world was substantially complete. Tony Horwitz vividly recounts Cook's voyages and the exotic scenes the captain encountered: tropical orgies, taboo rituals, cannibal feasts, human sacrifice. He also relives Cook's adventures by following in the captain's wake to places such as Tahiti, Savage Island, and the Great Barrier Reef to discover Cook's embattled legacy in the present day. Signing on as a working crewman aboard a replica of Cook's vessel, Horwitz experiences the thrill and terror of sailing a tall ship. He also explores Cook the man: an impoverished farmboy who broke through the barriers of his class and time to become the greatest navigator in British history. By turns harrowing and hilarious, insightful and entertaining, BLUE LATITUDES brings to life a man whose voyages helped create the 'global village' we know today.

A dictionary of the Hawaiian language, to which is appended an English-Hawaiian vocabulary and a chronological table of remarkable events

By Lorrin Andrews
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Dalcassian Publishing Company
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  • Pages : 559
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Book Summary:

Read and download full book A dictionary of the Hawaiian language, to which is appended an English-Hawaiian vocabulary and a chronological table of remarkable events

Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities

By Charles Russell Coulter,Patricia Turner
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Isbn : 1135963908
  • Pages : 610
  • Category : Reference
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Book Summary:

The history of the divine is the history of human thought. For as long as men and women have pondered the mysteries of their existence, they have answered their own questions with stories of gods and goddesses. Belief in these deities shaped whole civilizations, yet today many of their names and images lie buried. The Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities makes those names available to the general reader as well as the scholar. This reference work lists all the known gods through recorded history. Alphabetically arranged entries provide the name of each deity (with alternate spellings), as well as notes on names that may be linguistically or functionally related. The tribe or culture that worshiped the deity is identified, and the god's origins and functions are explained. An extensive bibliography provides opportunities for further research and an exhaustive index provides access to the entries through virtually all names, forms and kinds of deities.

Tangata Whenua

By Atholl Anderson,Judith Binney,Aroha Harris
  • Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bridget Williams Books
  • Isbn : 0908321546
  • Pages : 536
  • Category : History
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Book Summary:

Tangata Whenua: A History presents a rich narrative of the Māori past from ancient origins in South China to the twenty-first century, in a handy paperback format. The authoritative text is drawn directly from the award-winning Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History; the full text of the big hardback is available in a reader-friendly edition, ideal for students and for bedtime reading, and a perfect gift for those whose budgets do not stretch to the illustrated edition. Maps and diagrams complement the text, along with a full set of references and the important statistical appendix. Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History was published to widespread acclaim in late 2014. This magnificent history has featured regularly in the award lists: winner of the 2015 Royal Society Science Book Prize, shortlisted for the international Ernest Scott Prize, winner of the Te Kōrero o Mua (History) Award at the Ngā Kupu ora Aotearoa Māori Book Awards, and Gold in the Pride in Print Awards. The importance of this history to New Zealand cannot be overstated. Māori leaders emphatically endorsed the book, as have reviewers and younger commentators. They speak of the way Tangata Whenua draws together different strands of knowledge – from historical research through archaeology and science to oral tradition. They remark on the contribution this book makes to evolving knowledge, describing it as ‘a canvas to paint the future on’. And many comment on the contribution it makes to the growth of understanding between the people of this country.